Monday, January 7, 2008

Better get these done... SBQs

1/3/08: Are you starting something new to celebrate the New Year or participating in “Guilt Free January?” If so, what are you planning on starting?

I didn't really start anything new (no BAPs or super special pieces) for 2008, though I am doing 2 ornament SALs. One is the Christmas Ornament SAL which I've taken over (along with Barbara) from Nicki. I did a little redesign on the site and added some new ideas, so I'll count that as starting a new project. The other is my Bride's Tree SAL, something I've been wanting to do for a while, but never quite got to. I did start my first ornament, a 3D House by Meg Evershed. In fact, it's one of the set of houses from the front cover of this book.

12/26/07: Did you receive any stitching-related gifts for the holidays?

My MIL paid to have a piece my husband stitched professionally framed for us, and I bought myself a new stitching case for my birthday with money from my grandmothers-in-law. It's a Little Travel Case by Vera Bradley, and it's perfect for stashing my small scroll frames and necessities like scissors and needles. Nicole had it posted on her blog and I was inspired to pick one up for myself. Luckily, they're on sale at Vera Bradley, but my favorite pattern is Nantucket Navy, which is now retired, so I went to eBay and VOILA!!! A Nantucket Navy travel case at the sale price AND free shipping. Woo-hoo! I bought it, and 2 days later, I am the proud owner of a stitching case. I'll be taking it with me to show my grandmas what lovely taste they have in birthday gifts. :-)

Speaking of Vera, have you seen the new colors yet? I have to check them out in person, but I am really liking the Raspberry Fizz and the Yellow Bird.


Kathryn said...

Yes, I know stitching Chatelaine's Hawaiian Mandala is different than stitching Ink Circles Hawaiian Mandala. The thing is that the Ink Circles pattern will be there next year. Even if I print out all the Chatelaine parts over the next year, if I don't start it now, I might never start it. Maybe I should stitch them both at once and really confuse people! LOL.

Chiloe said...

For me it should be guilt free everyday or every year !!! lol

Julie said...

Love your new stitching bag, very nice gift to have.
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog

Janet said...

Your grandmothers certainly do have fabulous taste. I'm glad we don't have Vera over here or I would be breaking my new year financial resolutions already!