About Me

I started cross stitching in late 2002, though it was not my first foray into the craft.  Years ago, my mother had a large box of iron-on patterns in the closet of her sewing room.  I don't remember her doing embroidery - she was more for sewing and knitting - but I was fascinated by the contents of that box, and begged her to let me work on some of the pieces.  She relented, and gave me several pillowcases with ironed on patterns to embroider.  She showed me a few basic stitches, and I picked up a few more while working on a badge for Girl Scouts, but eventually dropped the hobby to pursue other high school and teenage passions, including trading my embroidery needles for a safety pin and turning my collection of floss into knotted friendship bracelets.

Many years later. while walking through a craft store looking for something to make for a soon to be born niece or nephew, my husband suggested we take up cross stitching.  I hadn't done embroidery in years, and the only cross stitch I had ever done was a weak attempt at stamped cross stitch.  Still, the idea interested me and we picked up several small kits, one of which was stitched for my niece.

Things have changed considerably from those early days, not the least of which is that I now refrain from using masking tape to keep the edges of my fabric from fraying.  I rarely stitch from kits any more, preferring to chose my own fibers and fabrics, and even modify charts for different occasions. 

The idea of starting my own blog came up when I applied for a job at an arts and crafts magazine.  While preparing for the interview, I stumbled across a number of craft blogs.  A little more searching brought me to more specific, cross-stitching focused blogs, and I thought, "Why not start my own?"  I didn't get the job, but within a few weeks, I had started a blog and connected with a handful of stitchers.  Some were from my local area, and several others were from around the country and around the world as well.  I am happy to say that almost 7 years later, I remain in touch with most of these first connections and have formed real bonds of friendship with them.

Encouraged and inspired (and many times, enabled!) by this new community, I learned new techniques, took on bigger projects and developed my skills in stitching and finishing.  I discovered new designers, ventured into overdyed threads and hand-dyed fabrics, even did a little floss-dying of my own.  I appreciate the opportunity I have as a blogger to be a part of this worldwide community.

On a more personal note, I've been happily married for 10 years (together for over 20!) and the proud mom of Little Dude.  Mr. Sweet Pea and I share a passion for traveling, lighthouses, red wine and football (love our Dallas Cowboys!).  And because of Little Dude, we've visited and explored a whole lot of train-related attractions.  I read as much as I can, and there has been at least a small stack (but usually a large one) of books on my nightstand as far back as I an remember, even into childhood.  I am completely obsessed with collecting recipes and reading food blogs, though I generally see recipes as more of a suggestion than something to be followed to the letter.  It makes a very good cook, but a somewhat haphazard and impatient baker.  (Luckily I am married to a scientist who also loves to bake).

Thank you for visiting my blog!