Thursday, July 21, 2011

My first commissioned piece

Blackbird Designs - I Thee Wed
stitched on 32 ct. Mushroom Lugana
with recommended threads

My beloved cousin Kerri was the maid of honor in her friend's wedding, and asked me if I would stitch something for her to give as a gift. After a few emails back and forth about what her friend might like, I sent her a few suggestions and this was the one she picked. She liked how it tied into the wedding colors of pink and green and thought it would look beautiful in her friend's house.

So this is the very first piece I stitched on commission, for just the price of materials and not my time. (I didn't mind doing it - stitching is my sanity as I am sure you can all relate to). All in all, not a bad gift for about $50, and yes, I had my husband frame it.

Once again, I must highly recommend American Frame. Beautiful frames, pre-cut acid free mounting board, and free shipping when you spend more than $50 (if you frame several pieces, it's not hard to get to $50). Plus they will send you up to five samples of frames and/or mat board before you even order.

We tried something new this time with spacers. Normally, I frame without glass or acrylic, but my cousin asked if we could put something over the stitching to keep it cleaner. Since we were framing without a mat, I did a little reading on the site and found the spacers. They come in long sticks that are easy to cut and fit into the frame, and worked like a charm to provide an air space between the acrylic (most online places will not sell and ship glass) and the stitching itself. Now that we know how well it works, I'll definitely be doing it again for a few pieces I plan on hanging in our kitchen. They won't be right near the sink or stove, but I'd like to give them that extra layer of protection anyway.

I do have several other pieces awaiting the framing process, so hopefully I'll be able to show them soon.
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes, I am stitching....

Not as much as I would like to be, but I blame that on a wireless connection, a laptop, and a renewed obsession with cooking. My Facebook friends get regular links to recipes I've found, and I am currently wading through over 1000 posts in my food blog collection. (I might have a small problem with a recipe addiction...)

I do have a few pieces I am working on, and a small pile of things waiting to be framed by my husband. Two of them are wedding pieces, and I should have a post by the end of the week about a third wedding piece, the first one I've done "on commission" that was gifted to a bride and groom back in May. One of the two remaining wedding pieces is for someone near and dear to my heart - my beautiful cousin Kerri, who is getting married in August. I also have two birth pieces I need to get cracking on, and my ever present assortment of ornaments.

I am managing to keep up with some of the crafting blogs I read, and this is another FANTASTIC project that would totally work for some customized finishes for needlework. I know I've spent hours looking for buttons and embellishments, and this idea is absolutely genius.

Customized buttons made from Shrinky Dink plastic. Genius, I tells ya. Genius. Check out the tutorial on Scissors.Paper.Wok.