Thursday, January 10, 2008

An "About Me" in Pictures

I saw this on Mel's Blog and thought it was a cute idea.

Here's how it works - Answer the questions and type your answer into Google images search. Post a photo from the FIRST results page. (this can be tough!!)

Age you will be on your next Birthday?

Place You would like to visit?

One of your favorite Places?

Your favorite object?

Your favorite food?

Your favorite animal?

Your favorite color?

Name of a past pet?
Where I live?

Your middle name?

A bad habit of yours?

Your favorite flower?

Your favorite holiday?


Pumpkin said...

That is so neat!

Kim said...

Great idea! I like Peonies too. Just curious - what search did you run to come up with a Cowboys jersey? Although I'm not surprised by that pic ;-)

Dani said...

Neat idea!

Jenna said...

Wait, you live in Delaware? I live in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, work just over the border in Elkton, MD and work for a DE-based company! Small world. :)

Lee said...

LOVE the t-shirt! HA!

Barbara said...

What fun!

Next time I get to Maine, we should try to meet up and stuff ourselves silly on lobster! :D

Kathy A. said...

That is just the coolest! Very ingenious of you to find something appropriate for everyone. Nice work. It sure was a delightful viewing.

Patty said...

I've seen this on two different blogs but they left out the part about finding Google images. Those peonies are gorgeous.

Sandy said...

Ok Jenn, how did you get such awesome images, and I got...well...LEANNE! LOL

Great job!

tkdchick said...

How fun!