Thursday, February 7, 2008

SBQ: Other Crafts

Are there other crafts that you have tried and abandoned? Why do you like stitching better? (Submitted by Kathryn)

I've always been interested in crafts and needlework from a very young age. My mother and grandmother sewed, so I was brought up around fabrics, threads, buttons, etc. I was also very involved in Girl Scouts, so there was always some kind of craft being done at meetings and camp. As a result, I got to try different things and experiement.

One of my favorite things is working with clay or modeling compound. I'm nowhere near artist level with it, but I still enjoy working with the material and shaping different things. I don't do it as much any more, but I could probably really get into making clay polymer things like beads. (I don't have the time, space or disposable income to invest though!)

I do a little scrapbooking but not in the traditional sense. I can't get into all the embelishments and fancy cutting, stickers, etc. I also don't understand doing elaborate layouts and putting one picture on a page. Rather, I use colorful 12x12 background papers and I cut and arrange photos in interesting arrangements on the page. I also use postcards, bookmarks, ticket stubs, etc. from our travels. It's more like a memory book than a scrapbook. I only work on these books occasionally - I have to work on our living room floor and it's a hassle to drag everything out.

I've tried knitting and crocheting and I don't know if I have the patience for either. My mother tried to teach me to knit, but she's not a good teacher and I quickly got frustrated with it. My grandmother in law crochets, and my husband can crochet a little (she taught him and his brother when they were very young to keep them quiet and occupied!) I have the desire to knit, and especially crochet, pretty things, but I don't know if I have the patience to learn it. Also, I am afraid I will like it too much and want to spend my resources on that!


Kim said...

I'll get you knitting and crocheting yet :-D As long as you don't go for the fancy shmancy yarns all the time they're not too expensive...

Mel in Dubai said...

Just awarded your blog with a Make My Day award :)