Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been a very long time since I've done some SBQs

Would you believe it's been since APRIL? Wow! I didn't think it had been that long! I guess I have some catching up to do.

7/11/08: How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household chores, etc.?

I don't really have trouble balancing stitching with other obligations. I stitch when I can, usually at night. I find it relaxing and somewhat meditative. I always take stitching with me on vacation, even when DH and I are traveling place to place. When we stay in hotels, I like to spend a little while before I go to bed stitching. I guess I like that little bit of consistency.

And I guess the other big thing is that we don't have children yet. Some of my friends and family members who have children say I better stitch all I can now because I won't have time once we have a baby, and I sincerely hope that's not the case. Maybe this is a non-parent saying this, but I really do think you need to make time for yourself as an adult, as your own person, once you have a child, even if it's just a few minutes a day. I've seen people who allow their entire life to be dictated by their children, and I think it just burns them out very quickly. If you don't do something for yourself to recharge your batteries, how can you continue to do for other people?

Thankfully, I've been involved in the stitching / blogging community, and I know a lot of you are both stitchers and parents of children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers and up. I know it is possible to continue stitching without neglecting your children, and to continue pursuing a hobby that brings you joy (and much needed relaxation.) I want to say thank you to all you parents who demonstrate that your entire life doesn't have to be consumed by your kids!


6/18/08: Do you currently subscribe to any stitching publications or have you in the past? (Either in print or online) If so, which ones?

I don't subscribe to any publications at all. Occasionally I will flip through magazines in the bookstore, but the only ones I've ever been tempted to purchase are the JCS Christmas Ornament ones. In fact, I wish I discovered those sooner! I only started buying them last year, and it's something I'll definitely continue.

I refuse to buy the stitching magazines that are sealed up without knowing what's in them. I think they're just too expensive to just buy without knowing what you're getting into, and most of the time, there isn't a pattern in any magazine that makes me say, "I MUST OWN THIS NOW".


5/18/08: Do you ever get to a point working on a project that you’ve had for so long, you start to wonder what possessed you to start it in the first place? (Submitted by Jan)

I can't say that I have. I usually make myself try to finish things so they're not sitting around forever (Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? LOL) No, seriously. I do try to finish things up. The trick is to not start any huge projects. I obsess and obsess and obsess over things before I pick them, so usually when I buy something, I'm really in love with it and am excited about working on it. Usually. Sometimes things do fall by the wayside.

I must admit, I do own some Dimensions kits that I can't figure out why I got them or what I plan on doing with them if and when I stitch them. They're from my early days of stitching, and I think I've gotten a little more sophisticated (for lack of a better word) with stitching where I prefer to take on more complicated projects than some of the early purchases. And most of the Dimensions kits I have are on 14 ct. Aida, which I don't really like to stitch on as much any more (I prefer stitching over 2 on evenweaves or linens)


Kathryn said...

Just say no to AIDA! Yes, I have kits with Aida, but I always substitute it out for linen or evenweave (as I just did for Bothy's Cut-Thru Rocket). But if the patterns no longer interest you, then by all means put them on a trade list and give them to someone who might appreciate them.

Jenna said...

I have to admit to actually stitching some of the kits on Aida, especially if it's a 16 or 18 count. I have even been known to stitch on the 14 count ones. They turn out okay; I'm just too lazy to swap out the fabric. I just went through and catalogued all of my charts and kits last weekend, pulling out the ones that I will never stitch. I hope to sell or trade for them someday. After all, life is too short and my stash far too big to stitch on something that I don't absolutely love!

Kim B said...

I agree with your comment about parenting and recharging your batteries. There has to be balance. In our house, DH plays roller-hockey on Thursday nights and I get Tuesday nights to do whatever I want. That way we both get some time to ourselves while the other is watching our toddler for the evening. I recommend it to friends with kids!

And I think it's insane that they seal the magazines up! Why on earth would anyone buy something when they have no idea what they are actually buying??

Michele B. said...

I just came from Barnes & Noble, where I found a British Cross Stitch magazine that someone had opened, so I got to look at it with no guilt. And no, there wasn't anything inside it that made me want to buy it. I do buy an occasional magazine but only if there's a chart I want really badly.

I think the magazines are sealed because they always have some kind of freebie attached to them. Personally I'd rather lose the freebie and get to preview the magazine!