Friday, July 18, 2008

I am a posting fool today....

Since there doesn't appear to be a Friday Feast this week, I borrowed this from Mel. (And I know you may be wondering where my stitching pictures are. Me too. LOL)

5 Things in your bag / purse:
1. Cellphone

2. Wallet

3. Keyring filled with club card keytags (I'll sign up for anything)

4. Pill box - I always have advil, immodium, acid reducer and aspirin in my purse. Always.

5. My iPod. I don't leave home without it

5 Things in your bedroom:
1. King Size bed - I detest sleeping in anything smaller

2. A rocking chair I've had since birth (it belonged to my grandmother before I got it)

3. A love seat and ottoman - I admit, it feels a little decadent to have an entire separate sitting area, but I absolutely love it

4. The teddybear I still sleep with

5. My wedding gown, in its acid free box, under the bed. The best temperature controlled, dust free place in the house!

5 Things I have always wanted:
(I am going to be completely, completely selfish here)
1. Pets - dogs, cats, fish, doesn't matter. I have the cat and fish, now I really want the dog

2. A sailboat - I love, love, love being on the water

3. A weekend house, somewhere by the water. Doesn't matter if it's a lake or the ocean, so long as it's not that crowded

4. A PhD. Someday....

5. Kids. My nieces and nephew bring me such joy.

5 Things I’m really into:
1. Lighthouses. DH and I have seen over 200 of them and have been known to plan vacations around going to them

2. Cross Stitching, blogging about cross stitching, reading about cross stitching...

3. Reading. Always have been, always will be. The movers were annoyed with the size of our book collection. We easily have over 2000 books in our house.

4. Antiques - jewelry, furniture, depression glass, etc. Again, DH and I can spend hours perusing antique shops, but we don't do it for the money, we do it for the value the pieces have to us and our memories / interests. For instance, the jewelry and the glass remind me of my aunt and grandmother, two incredibly important women in my life.

5. Cooking and food. I love grocery stores, gourmet stores, cooking shows, the Food Network, and making my own food.


Lynn said...

I'm a big fan of lighthouses too. On our visit to Prince Edward Island a couple of years ago we drove all over the island to check out the many lighthouses. I just didn't like all the stairs in them!

Chiloe said...

Hope you get all of that one day ;-)

Carol R said...

I have this image of you in my mind - you are in a lighthouse, by the sea, you are dressed as a chef but are cross-stitching a sailboat, sat in your rocking chair. listening to your iPod, surrounded by lots of animals and children and of course your teddy bear wearing a wedding dress and lying on a kingsize bed. Did I forget anything - oh yes the books!! LOL

Dianne said...

I totally don't feel bad about having a ton of books then. What did you do with them all?
I didn't even know you had a cat!
I like antique stores too, but like you, I like to look for what I think they were used for in the past and how my grandmom etc, may have used the item.