Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seven more Brilliant Blogs

Since Claire was kind enough to bestow the Brilliant award on my blog, I have another opportunity to possibly introduce you to some additional blogs you may not know about.

First off, I'd like to award two gallery type blogs that have been sources of ideas, tips, techniques and freebies for me for a while.

Managed by Carol (Garden of Stitches), these are definitely blogs worth checking out, but don't blame me if you end up spending hours and hours and hours on them! :-) Blame Carol for keeping them so nicely organized, and the amazing stitchers that contribute their work.

And now for a few more blogs I enjoy reading:


Chiloe said...

Thanks! I enjoy yours too even though lately with the kids on vacations I don't have time to leave comments as before.

Have you checked my new blog? Perfect for the rainy days or when you lost your stitching mojo.


Let me know what you think ;-)