Monday, December 20, 2010

Our 2010 Dallas Cowboys Ornament

Christmas Hearts by Just Nan
Stitched over 2 on 32 ct. Antique White
with DMC and overdyed threads
embellished with beads

Every year, my husband and I add another Dallas Cowboys ornament to our Christmas tree. (You can see Emmitt Smith's elbow in the photo above) We have an entire section dedicated to these ornaments - we call it Cowboy Land. They're not all specifically Cowboys ornaments - we have a few assorted stars, mostly blue and silver, and a blue and silver angel hanging along with them.

I stitched this piece a while back in more traditional Christmas colors of red, gold and green, but had this color combination in mind for our own tree. Since the Cowboys use two different color combinations (one dark blue and white for the jerseys, silver for the pants, and the other white and light blue for the jerseys, and a lighter blue for the pants), I wanted to include both color combinations.

I used WDW Peacoat and Pewter for the dark blue and the grey around the border and a silvery grey DMC Rayon / Satin S415 thread for the hearts. The lighter blues are DMC 824, 826 and 827, and the other shade of grey is DMC 415 with a strand of opalescent blending filament. For the beads, I just used a silvery lined seed bead from the craft store and sewed them on with matching thread. It doesn't show up well in the photo, but the beads do add a pretty sparkle, especially in the light from the tree.

I finished the ornament with a painted wooden embroidery hoop as I described in the post about the first Christmas Hearts ornament. I picked up some dark blue ribbon at the craft store and mixed up a little bit of acrylic paint that I had to match. Once again, I am a big advocate of sanding the hoop before painting to make a much nicer finished product. Some fine grit sandpaper and a damp paper towel can make a huge difference in the hoop's appearance, and it's well worth the extra effort. To finish it up, I used two light coats of matte varnish, available alongside the acrylic paints at the craft store.

As a side note, we did purchase the Tony Romo Hallmark ornament when it was released, but it will not be allowed to join the ranks of the two Troy Aikmans (yes, we have two) and the one Emmitt Smith already hanging on the tree until Tony can bring home a Super Bowl. Sadly for us, it won't be this year, despite our high hopes at the beginning of the season.


Jennifer said...

OH MY, I NEED THAT ORNAMENT!!!!! I'm a HUGE Dallas fan, but hubby is a Deadskin fan. It would be a great way to get another leg up for me. Right now our tree is even with Cowboy vs. Deadskin ornaments.

In another related note, hubby was trash talking during the game yesterday. Each time he did it Dallas, how's that for payback?

Go Cowboys!!!

Erin said...

I'm not a Dallas fan (I grew up in western NY, I'm a glutton for punishment/Bills fan), but that is beautiful! The colors are awesome.

Sally said...

That is beautiful Jennifer!

Katrina said...

Very pretty!!!!

Rachel S said...

Pretty ornament even if it wasn't a Dallas ornie! I am so glad they won yesterday. It was a good day--Dallas and Baltimore both won. Did you hear Tony is now engaged?

Lynn said...

I do love that colour combination even if we're not football fans here. It does kind of look like Maple Leaf blue though as in the Toronto Maple Leafs! Can you tell we follow hockey, lol!?

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic, Jennifer!!

Blu said...

Not any kind of sports fan, but the colours of that ornie are so pretty! Such a nice frosty look!

Jenna said...

I love, love, LOVE this ornament! I will have to try doing it in purples or something. Or even the blue and silver because it's absolutely lovely. And you are so clever for finishing it in a wooden embroidery hoop. I hope you don't mind if I steal that idea! :D