Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A pair of no-sew cubes

I did a little finishing work earlier in the week.   I've had one of my Fair & Square pieces designated for a no-sew cube for a while now, and when I received Robin's exchange, I knew I was going to do that as a no-sew cube as well, so I picked up what I needed over the weekend to finish both of them.

This is how the squares from Robin turned out.  I used the squares for the front and back (you can see the back in the post I linked to), and a pale green wide satin ribbon to cover the seams.  I used a skinnier striped ribbon as an accent, and finished it with a tulip pin made with some glass beads I have in my stash.  (The tulip flower is the same one I used for Dianne's scissor fob.)

I also finished up one I had received in 2012 in an exchange with Pokua in Australia.  (Pokua's blog hasn't been updated in quite a while).  These are the squares that Pokua stitched for me, a Debbie Draper design.  She stitched it in Debbie's memory, as Debbie had passed away a few weeks prior. 

The ones I stitched for Pokua can be found here.

This cube will be a companion to another F&S exchange I finished in the same manner, the blue one in this post, stitched by Jeannie C (no blog).  I'll put the two of them in my living room cabinet.

So the blue one might have taken me almost two years, but at least I got Robin's done and it's STILL SPRING.  YAY!!  Now I will have to go through my Fair & Square exchange stash to see if there are any other seasonal pieces I can do like this.  They work nicely on the shelves in our living room and it's a different way to display finished needlework.

If you're interested in doing your own, here's a few resources
Just a note - these use fabric to cover the seams on the sides, which I've done, but it seems I prefer to use a wide satin ribbon in a coordinating color.  Sometimes I add a second skinnier ribbon, and sometimes I just leave the satin ribbon plain.  (And if you look at the one I did with Marie's squares, I used a wired ribbon which made doing the loops on top a little bit easier.)


Robin said...

Congratulations on getting both sets turned into cubes, Jennifer! Both turned out great. Also, thanks for sharing the link to the Quaker piece you stitched. The thread (Foxfire) is a gorgeous color.

Enjoy your day!

Robin in Virginia

Carol said...

They both look great, Jenn! And thanks for the links to all of the cube tutorials. I seem to be addicted to making little pillows, but, who knows--one day I might just try them :)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Sharon said...

Very pretty cubes! One of my favorite finishes.