Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April Showers bring May Flowers

When I first started blogging, I wasn't exactly sure what to share or write about that would be interesting to other people.  I was also looking for a way to get to know people through blogging and become part of the stitching community.  One of the most useful ways to make connections that I found, other than through exchanges, was the Stitching Bloggers Questions, or the SBQ.  It used to be based out of a Yahoo Group that's been inactive since 2008 (and I thought I was an infrequent poster!  LOL)

I lost track of it for a while, and then Lee the Lake Stitcher picked it up, though it seemed to fizzle out in July 2012.  I wonder if there's any interest in picking it back up again - I know I enjoyed doing it, and I'm sure others did too.  It was a great way to get to know each other and get insight into how and why our fellow stitchers work, and what they were working on.  It's been so long that even if questions get recycled and you've already answered it, it would be interesting to see if your answers changed.  And there are plenty of stitchers out there that haven't participated.

What brought this on?  I may or may not have been going through my draft posts and ended up finding a few unpublished SBQ questions.  (Some of them were just the questions that I hadn't answered yet).  If there's enough of an interest, I'd consider hosting the SBQ, though it might be better done on a blog that has a larger readership / reach than mine does, so that the word gets out and more stitchers can participate.  At the very least, I'd be willing to do some research and supply the host with a list of questions.  Anybody interested?

And now on to one of the forgotten questions...

May 2012: What's your favorite floral piece that you've stitched? Do you prefer your flowers as the centerpiece of the design or as an accent? (submitted by CinDC at Pencil Crossings)

I don't know if it counts as a "floral" piece, but  I do love this Ink Circles piece, Pot Luck.  I stitched it for a friend, and blogged about it in this post (you can get the details here).

I've stitched some floral pieces, though they tend to be more geometric in nature, or floral "motifs" than straight up pictures of flowers.  Mr. Sweet Pea has done some of the Dimensions flower pieces and framed them as gifts for his mom.  (I went back and looked, and haven't yet blogged about them yet.  I guess I should).  He also did Quaker Floral Puzzle and Quaker Geometric Puzzle, also by Ink Circles.  I know I haven't blogged about them because I just took pictures the other day and I haven't even uploaded them.  (All the stuff I HAVEN'T done yet should provide me with blog material for months.)

I do have a special fondness for a particular floral piece.  It was my very first Fair & Square Exchange, with the lovely and talented Michele.   (you can see her blog post here and how she had it finished here.)   It's Manuela's Sunflowers, a freebie from Chatelaine Designs.

Since being paired up in the exchange, Michele and I have exchanged countless emails and messages, and have become good friends even though we live on opposite sides of the country.  I love how this craft of ours brings us together!

But back to the question - I guess my answer is "It depends".  Though i am not generally drawn to strictly floral pieces myself, sometimes there's a pattern that speaks to me or has a special meaning to someone.  In that case, I enjoy stitching it.  But as a personal preference, I like more geometric interpretations of flowers, or flowers as accent pieces in a more botanical piece.


Robin said...

What lovely pieces you shared, Jennifer! I really like the sunflowers in your first F&S exchange. I love the thread you used for the Ink Circles piece. Wow!

In answer to your question, I like flowers both ways! And I think you should start up the sbq again!

Robin in Virginia

Anna van Schurman said...

I'd be interested in the SBQ!

Sharon said...

Manuela's Flowers is gorgeous! I was trying to see the info on your pot luck stitch but your link is not working...