Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fly away, butterfly

Back to sharing some of the finished pieces I haven't blogged about yet (or framed). These two are both by Mr. SweetPea, and they're both from Dimensions kits from our early stitching years.

Exotic Butterflies by Dimensions

Obviously it's not the best photo, and the silvery frame on the piece itself is a bit off, but it's still a pretty piece. I'm thinking this might look nice in our living room since we have some stained glass pieces we inherited from Mr. Sweet Pea's grandparents already hanging there.  One in particular is a pretty blue and pink bird piece that echoes some of the colors of this one.

The second piece is Butterfly Triplex, also by Dimensions.  This piece coordinates with two others Mr. SweetPea stitched.  One was gifted to his mom but is currently awaiting re-framing since our original framing job wasn't a good one (we had NO idea what we were doing).  As soon as that one's finished (it's a Dimensions Rose piece), it will appear on the blog.


Vickie said...

Cool! That will be so nice to finally have these hung. :)

Brigitte said...

OH, they are really great, both butterfly pieces. Particularly the one on the blue fabric. It's such a great background to the butteflies.

Robin said...

What lovely butterfly pieces stitched by Mr. Sweet Pea! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer!

Robin in Virginia

Shebafudge said...

They are both really pretty designs!