Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My gift from the bride

I love it when a gift is given with care and thoughtfulness, and my gift from the bride this past weekend really hit the nail on the head. She and I are close, and we emailed quite a bit about everyone else's gift - she wanted to make sure that she picked something that would be meaningful to each of her bridesmaids, and she did just that. She put together a scrapbook of old photos, letters, ticket stubs, etc., for her maid of honor. For another, she made a lamp filled with shells from their trips to the beach, and for another, she bought a boxed set of a movie adaptation of a favorite childhood book.

For my gift, she tracked down my online wishlist (she never asked for it directly, so she's a pretty smart cookie) and picked several stitching pieces that I really wanted, but never managed to purchase for myself. I love that two of the charts she picked are for ornaments - I am ridiculously sentimental when it comes to Christmas ornaments, and every ornament on our tree has special meaning to us. Now when I stitch these up, they will forever remind me of Kerri and Mark's wedding.

She chose
She also included a package of bobbins that I use for winding threads, and some Thread Heaven. I was so touched that she'd take the time to track down my list and find items that would have special meaning to me. All she really knows about stitching is that I do it - she's not a stitcher herself.

Of course, now this probably means I should a) put down the computer and do a little stitching, and b) finish up the piece I stitched in honor of my cousin's wedding!


LindataxPA said...

Your cousin is a very special young woman - how wonderful to make each attendant's gift special to her likes and things they have done together. Super idea - and good for you Jenn! Your stitching will come back - you just need some more recipes in your collection.

Linda B

Lynn said...

Your cousin's choice of gifts is extremely thoughtful. She's taken the time to get something which has special meaning for each individual. Kudos to her!

Sally said...

Lovely gifts from your cousin. That is thoughful of her.

Loved the photos in your previous post:)

Carol said...

Amazingly thoughtful gifts from the bride--she sounds like a truly thoughtful friend and relative! Enjoy :)