For Sale or Trade

This is a list of goodies from my stash that I'm offering up for swap or sale. I've tagged them with what I think is a fair price (usually half of what I paid for it), but if you don't agree, make me an offer. I'm also willing to trade for other charts, especially if you have something on my wishlist.

If the chart is a kit, I will give you whatever leftover threads I have from it. Also, if I've charted the alphabet in PC Stitch, I will personalize for free.


And even more...

I can't find these online, so here are my pictures of them:

Design Works Feng Shui Love In the original design, the border continues all the way around. I modified it for personalization. Includes leftover threads $3

Janlynn Mr. Mittens The chart is gently used and does have some yellow highlighting (Yellow highlighter does not photocopy, so you should be able to make a brand new clean copy). I've included the left over threads from the kit $3

Janlynn Frosty - Let it Snow This is a Spirit of Christmas chart - no fabric, but I included the left over threads $3

I also have a few vintage charts that are out of print. Make me an offer on one, two, or all of them if you are interested. (the charts themselves aren't fuzzy - I just blurred the picture to avoid copyright issues